– Aggression Management Training

This course focuses on awareness level training to enhance your staff’s ability to recognize, de-escalate, and protect themselves from all levels of violence. It also emphasizes the use of practical measures to prevent incidents and achieve a safe work environment. Hands-on physical examples and skills will be demonstrated and practiced in this course.

The objectives of this course will focus upon:

  • Understanding reasonable force and the applicable legal parameters of its use
  • Discuss the legislation pertaining to aggression in the workplace
  • Assess behaviors for potential conflict
  • Recognizing self-awareness and how it applies to escalating situations
  • Employing communication skills to assist in violent situations
  • Identifying high risk conflicts
  • Describe a range of preventative strategies
  • Demonstrating defusing and calming techniques
  • Practice of restrictive methods, controlled take-up and down, and distraction techniques
  • Interpret our own responses to aggressive behaviors

– Defensive Tactics

– De-escalation Training