Vantage Point Consulting is a multi-faceted company that provides planning, education, and exercise simulation to all types of healthcare organizations. Emergency preparedness starts with a targeted approach which includes:

  • A Hazard Vulnerability Analysis or Risk Assessment integrated with community partners.
  • A comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan incorporating Hospital Incident Command System and procedures for implementing best practices to meet or exceed regulatory and accreditation standards.
  • Education to leadership and all staff is the next essential step for any healthcare organization to complete – necessary for the training of new staff as well as keeping critical and often time-sensitive information in the forefront to manage an emergency/disaster situation.
  • Maintain/update and testing of Continuity of Operations plans to ensure recovery from an incident.
  • Conducting exercises puts to test the organization’s emergency operations plan and the functionality of its Communications plan, Command Center and Incident Management Team. This allows the organization to build on strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.

Organizations cannot successfully plan for, respond to, and recover from these incidents in a silo and must work together to build and strengthen healthcare coalitions.

VPC has expert consultants in healthcare emergency preparedness, including former and current executive leaders (CEO), nurses (emergency department and triage), safety officers, emergency preparedness coordinators, security officers, facilities managers, and compliance/quality/risk managers to name a few. VPC is ready and able to help with all your planning, education, and exercise needs.