Organizations must be ready to tackle anything that comes their way. In times of disaster, the community often expects them to be open and operational. When the situation is at or escalates to a level that endangers the health and/or safety of the organization’s staff, evacuation may be necessary. Evacuees’ safety during a disaster depends on mitigation, preparedness, planning, and practice.

This workshop includes a review of your existing evacuation plans and the physical resources available to your organization based on real-world incidents. It walks the learner through horizontal and vertical (up and down stairs) evacuations and helps identify key Incident Management Team positions that need to be activated when a facility evacuates, receiving guidance for an organized and systematic approach to consider when making the decision to shelter-in-place or evacuate.

The course covers various aspects of evacuation (OSHA CFR 1910.38) including:

  • Pre-disaster Self-Assessment
  • Pre-event Evacuation
  • Post-event Evacuation
  • Sequence of Patient Evacuation

Organizations can experience emergent situations that may impact them, ranging from severe weather alerts, to single unit events, to full-scale evacuations.

The needs and demands of the evacuation process, safety for all involved, continuity of operations, and service recovery are things our experienced team can address. We review your existing plans and conduct a drill to evaluate your readiness and resources, utilizing paraslydes with live actors or mannequins.

Our subject matter experts have countless hours of training, practice, and actual experience of evacuation from single units to multi-level facilities. Let us help you build and test a quality program that will better prepare your facility for the unthinkable.