– Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) Certification

An emergency in a healthcare organization can suddenly and significantly threaten its ability to provide care for the community when it is needed the most. In times like these, it’s vital that the core emergency management principles are in place—planning, response, mitigation, and recovery. CHEP is a practical, professional certification for healthcare emergency directors, managers, coordinators, associates, consultants, and others who work or coordinate real world issues with the health sector. The program relies on information, standards, and best practices from reliable sources including organizations such NFPA, ASTM, DHS, EPA, OSHA, FEMA, and accrediting organizations such as The Joint Commission.

The CHEP certification program includes an eight-hour day of training and review for the exam. The three-hour exam is then proctored on the second day. Subject matter includes:

  • Emergency Management Fundamentals
  • Healthcare Emergency Concepts and Accreditation Standards
  • Emergency Requirements and Joint Commission Related Standards
  • Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Pandemic
  • Other Emergency Management concepts

Healthcare organizations need professionals that understand how emergency management principles support the healthcare environment of care, the local community, and the nation.

Price: $545.00

– Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) Certification

The CHSP credential focuses on the importance of using management principles to improve the safety performance of healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations need certified professionals that understand how proactive safety practice supports operational effectiveness, improves care processes, and reduces organizational costs.

The broad scope of the CHSP Certification attracts applicants from various healthcare backgrounds including, but not limited to, safety, security, infection prevention, employee health, nursing, quality improvement, administration, risk management, facility management, plant operations, hazardous materials management, emergency management, life safety, biomedical services, environmental services, laboratory operations, nursing homes, surgery centers, insurance loss control, and safety consulting.

The CHSP certification program includes an eight-hour day of training and review for the exam. The three-hour exam is then proctored on the second day.

Price: $545.00

– Certified Emergency Disaster Professional (CEDP) Certification

The CEDP is a professional credential for those working in the public, private, and governmental positions related to emergency/disaster management. Personnel serving in the following related functions may qualify to sit for the Exam:

  • Emergency/disaster managers or coordinators
  • Public health department personnel including infection prevention professionals
  • Federal, state, and local governmental personnel performing emergency related responsibilities
  • Hazardous material managers
  • First responders including fire and law enforcement professionals
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • Emergency, safety, and management consultants
  • Occupational safety and health managers
  • Hazard control professionals
  • Private security officers
  • Emergency volunteers
  • Any others who work in functions related to emergency and disaster management

The CEDP certification program includes an eight-hour day of training and review for the exam. The three-hour exam is then proctored on the second day. Subject matter addresses emergency planning, management, response, and mitigation concepts.

Price: $545.00

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– Fire Safety Management (FSM) Certification

The Fire Safety Management (FSM) Designation is available to individuals holding either the Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) or Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) credential. Upon passing the FSM Examination, the certified member becomes either CHSP-FSM or CHEP-FSM credentialed by the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM).

The course includes a one-day exam preparation and review of National Fire Protection Association codes, OSHA regulations, and Joint Commission standards. Developed with the assistance of practicing professionals and subject matter experts, the three-hour proctored FSM Exam is multiple choice and requires no mathematical or engineering calculations. The exam content is broad and can cover many fire related topics in addition to NFPA 101 and Accreditation Standards.

Price: $545.00

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